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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Here at Farnborough Academy

All of our students who achieve the award are invited to locations around the city including the Council House and the High Schools, for a Presentation Ceremony where they receive their certificate and appropriate badge to wear with pride.

Giving a speech jpg and Receiving the award jpg

All of our students work extremely hard to gain the award doing lots of different activities over the year giving up at least 4 hours a week to achieve their goals. They learn how to work and live as a group under difficult conditions by putting their skills learnt in the classroom and life into practice.

Exhausted on the expedition jpg
They have learnt how to work as a group, cook meals, First Aid skills, navigational skills, awareness of risk and health/safety issues, camp craft, hygiene, emergency procedures, country and highway codes, fitness and a lot more. The most important thing they learn is more about themselves when they are put under pressure and are totally independent.

Volunteering: each student needs to give up their time to help a club, charity or social event to help other people in the local community.
Skill: this covers any hobby, skill or interest they already do or would like to do.
Physical Recreation: they need to do a Sport, Dance or Fitness Activity.
Expeditions: which includes a 1 day hike in Leicestershire or Derbyshire and two 2 day (8miles per day) 1 night camping expeditions in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire for Bronze and two 3 Day (10miles per day) 2 nights camping expeditions in Derbyshire (White Peak Area) or Leicestershire for Silver. They plan the whole weekend for themselves using the skill required in the classroom and training sessions.

What have our students been up to?

Over the last 12 years Farnborough Academy is proud to have helped 130 students gain their Bronze Award and 65 students gain their Silver Award and 9 students gain their Gold award.

Farnborough Duke Of Edinburgh's Award Family

We have been very lucky at Farnborough Academy with the amount of support we receive from the staff (past and present), parents, parents of ex-students and ex students who have gained the award in the past. Without these people we would not be able to run the expeditions and the students of Farnborough would not be able to take part in this award.

If your son/daughter would like to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award season they should talk to Mr Dykes or Mr Higgs. The school recruits for the award at the end of year 9 for the following year.

If you would like more information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award please visit the website here