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If young people are to shine brightly there needs to be a lot of opportunities beyond the classroom. The benefits to pupils working with different staff across all year groups is immense and will help broaden pupils experiences, build relationships with staff and peers and allow them to learn new skills.

We believe that extra curricular activities are an essential part of any school education whilst helping to complement and enrich curriculum learning in the broadest sense. We wish to encourage the notion that success can be achieved in many ways, not just in the classroom. The WOW activities are designed to develop the mind and body, build self confidence, organisation, team building and leadership skills. They are an opportunity for pupils to explore their physical, creative, social, political, and career interests with like-minded people. They will find friends: Trying something different brings pupils in contact with people they didn't know who share their interests and curiosity. Participating in extracurricular activities helps pupils in other ways, too: It enhances college and job applications, it is fun and enjoyable and will teach pupils important lifelong skills.

WOW PROGRAMME "What's On Wednesday" (WOW!).

Every Wednesday clubs and societies run during period 5. Members of staff work together to offer students a wide variety of cross curricular clubs and societies.
The activities are in 9 week blocks and pupils are timetablled for these activities.

Activities include:

Debate club, Stop Motion Animation, Running Club, Boot Camp, Cycling, Musical Theatre, craft and knitting, Learn Italian, Construction, Cake decorating, Juicy Geography, Local history, Disney club and lots more!

Extra Curricular

In addition to the WOW programme, the academy offers excellent extra-curricular opportunities at lunchtimes and after school, curriculum extension and summer school programme. Students are given the opportunity to participate in additional activities in various areas such as:

  • music
  • sports
  • science
  • Art clubs
  • homework club
  • history
  • mathematics

The activities are designed to broaden and develop the mind and body. Students have regular opportunities to visit museums, exhibitions and theatres, as well as longer residential trips both within the UK and abroad. We use various agencies to support our extra curricular work and also aim to support students in gaining accreditation, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

The school holds competitive fixtures against other schools which take place after school in sports such as tennis, football, rugby, athletics, cricket and swimming.

We also run a series of study support lessons for a range of subjects throughout each year, with targeted intervention strategies at key points in Years 10 and 11. This programme includes subject surgeries, Saturday Schools and special holiday sessions (e.g Easter School)