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Record Breaking Results for The Farnborough Academy

Pupils are celebrating at The Farnborough Academy in Clifton after they received record breaking results.

This year has seen the introduction of new GCSEs which are widely considered to be tougher than previous years. The old benchmark of grade C and above has been replaced with a grade 4 and above with a further grade 5 and above measure added.

An astonishing 48% of pupils have achieved a grade 4 or above in both English and mathematics. This is a 17% increase on last year.

Only three years ago the school was one of the lowest performing schools in the country when only 16% of pupils achieving the English and maths benchmark of a C in both. Working with the Trent Academies Group the academy has seen a huge turnaround as now 48% of pupils have achieved a grade 4 (Standard Pass) or above in English and maths and 26% achieving a grade 5 (Strong Pass) or above.

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Pupils will be collecting their results from 10am.

Headteacher Ben Chaloner, who is joining the Minster School in Southwell from September, is extremely proud of the results. “These results are testament to the hard work and commitment of pupils, parents and staff. Working with the Trent Academies Group we have seen the academy improve in many areas and now we have achieved results that we can all be proud of. I am moving on to a new post this summer but am delighted to have seen pupils’ outcomes improve from 16% to almost 50% in three years - I am immensely grateful to the support and commitment of all involved in achieving such a feat. I am sure that this is just the beginning of further success for Farnborough pupils in the years to come.”

Executive Headteacher Steve Lewis said “I would like to congratulate the pupils, parents and staff at Farnborough for achieving record breaking results. These results have enabled many pupils to gain entry to the courses of their choice in post 16 study where I am sure they will continue to be successful. This is the beginning of continued success for Farnborough and I look forward to working with the new Head of School, Mr Jobling, in ensuring this happens.”

CEO of the Trent Academies Group Phil Crompton who retires at the end of the month said “Over the last few years so much about Farnborough has improved and the GCSE results have now improved too. I’m proud of the staff but so pleased for the pupils.”